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We carry the highest quality reflective grow tents and grow tent kits to match most growing styles, whether you use soil, a hydroponic system, or even an aeroponic grow setup. Grow tents are easy to put together, simple to organize, and they give you the ability to control your garden’s environment better than open-air grow rooms.

A high quality grow tent gives you control over the internal temperatures and humidity levels within your garden. With a couple of strategically placed duct fans and filters, you can create the perfect environment in your area, and help it stay that way. Whether you need a humid environment with warm temperatures, or a dryer climate and lower temperatures, all the tents we offer will help keep the plant environment stable.

After you set up our grow tents they will protect your plants from harmful factors outside of your garden, such as pests and harsh external temperatures.  Lightproof construction on these tents keep light in and your plants covered. Unlike others, we carry tents that have highly reflective interiors assembled on to tough Oxford cloth so that there are no light leaks or tears possible. That means you keep the light in and keep pests out.

Still not convinced? Take a look at all the reviews we have for all of the tents we offer. Whether they’re your trusty Standard Tents, horticulture-forward Yield Lab reflective grow tents, or Gorilla Grow Tents that are tough as nails, our customers are some of the happiest growers using them. Click on to any grow tent and see what others have to say about our catalog of high grade grow tents. We’ve got any tent you need for any level of grower and any style of grower, too. 

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